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In today's market, the essence of service is to provide customers with a wide selection
of gemstones with expedient and quality service.
OM Creation Co., LTD is a manufacturer, wholesaler and exporter of
precious and semi-precious stones from a variety of market sources throughout
 the world. We specialize in Emerald cut- stone all caliberated and free sizes.
 Our price range of emerald starts from:- USD 0.50 per carat to the topest level
of the quality as well as Ruby and Sapphire , But also carry many semi-precious
as part of our wide range.
The motive of OM Creation to service our clients on the same level as
 companies that are considerably larger at more competitive prices. With
 our several years of experience, We have remained in constant touch with
the market, able to quickly respond and advise our customers on changes in
 the trade. We are therefore able to source and supply all types of quality goods

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